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3 x 3 = ∞ explores the human cost of genocide as seen through hindsight. On an otherwise ordinary day, a researcher (Frau A) is stunned when a tinnitus in her ear morphs into a mysterious message. The message seems to be connected to an image of three people and it tells her that she can help explain why these people have disappeared, that she can bring the truth to light and see justice served.

As she investigates the human-rights catastrophe surrounding their tragedy, voices from the past take on a life of their own and begin to intertwine with repressed memories of her own. The deeper she probes, the more personally she seems to be involved. Is she losing her grip on reality or was she actually there? What are the implications if she is a survivor? Is she guilty of allowing evils to unfold?

Tina Hartmann's libretto weaves a mysterious triangle of victims, perpetrators and survivors. At its center, a lost woman struggles to reconcile the past with the present and to answer the question, how does one live on?