by Peter Gilbert & Christopher Jon Honett

Music Through Nine Openings

"The arts provide us with opportunities for participation, chances to be creative agents in our own living. In The Listen, nine works from the contemporary composing tradition become nine windows for the curious into the unusual and powerful possibilities of some of the recent music of our culture. What started as a challenge between friends to address certain questions, complaints, and assumptions regarding new music developed into a series of poetic reactions to works the authors simply love—nine examples of what's possible in music. From Louis Andriessen's bombastic drive to the tender atmospheric details of Salvatore Sciarrino, the works addressed span a variety of modern approaches to composition, listening, and existing. The Listen is part new music introduction, part musical philosophy, part practical listening guide, and part pocket-sized manifesto. (Recordings are not included)"

Review by Trevor Hunter at New Music Box
including Chapter 4: Reich - Music for 18 Musicians

Pieces in The Listen
  • Workers Union - Louis Andriessen
  • Tre Notturni Brillante - Salvatore Sciarrino
  • Synchronisms 10 - Mario Davidovsky
  • Music for 18 Musicians - Steve Reich
  • La Lontanaza Nostalgica Utopica Futura - Luigi Nono
  • Musica Ricercata - György Ligeti
  • Black Angels - George Crumb
  • Anahit - Giacinto Scelsi
  • Sinfonia (III) - Luciano Berio

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